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healing / August 27, 2016

One year. A flash of hope that was here and gone in less than a day. A moment that changes a person. Challenging me to redefine myself, my beliefs and my fears. A moment that forced me to reevaluate everything I ever knew. To begin to understand this tragedy is still impossible. To say the words is still unbearable. To endure the pain of this forever broken heart is still unimaginable. Not a moment goes by that I haven’t thought about this day one year ago today. Going to bed the night Ryan was born with hope and waking up the next morning to a nightmare. Navigating through the rush …..

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“Sometimes Death Isn’t The Worst Thing”

healing / August 11, 2016

I went in for a follow up fetal echocardiogram  for my heart healthy rainbow last week. The conversation started with what happened to my angel, and the rest of the appointment was spent talking about Ryan (as all my specialty appointments usually do). Today was my first time meeting this cardiologist in the practice- and I saw a little spark in his eye when I mention Ryan was diagnosed with complete Shone’s Syndrome. We spent the rest of the appointment taking about Shone’s and about Ryan. I feel like I have been searching for this doctor since the day I lost my son almost a year ago- someone to finally …..

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